Anladım 13/23

Perceptions, Personality,

Skills and Professional

Tendencies Service

We strive for a strong, contemporary, positive, creative, successful, self-confident, benefit and impact-oriented, open to learning, productive and hardworking society. We believe that our biggest supporters in reaching this goal are young people.

Life is a long journey! The age we are in forces the youth, the architects of our bright future, to be prepared for all kinds of experiences that life has to offer. They may experience any kind of positive or negative experience during their journey. In order to move forward confidently, they must first know themselves and then others.

On the other hand, just like our fingerprints, we know that every person is unique and special. We are also aware that our uniqueness makes us perceive the world differently.

With our "Perception, Personality, Skills and Professional Tendency Service" which is specially prepared for the 13-23 age group, we analyze and evaluate by tests and one-to-one interviews the following;

Perception and thinking of the world,
Abilities that differentiate them and their development areas,
The building blocks of personality,
Behavioral patterns,
Styles of learning, attention and information-processing,
Areas of interest,
Communication styles,
Decision-making strategies,
Approaches to achieve their objectives,
Perception of time,
The distribution of roles in their inner world and its impact on life,
Opinions about change,
Leadership styles,
Emotions and dreams,

So, our focus is here and now. With the results, we determine the tendencies of the young persons to carry them from today to the future. We can even tell you in which industries and professions that their tendencies can bring success in the future.

On the one hand, we raise the awareness of the young individual and you, on the other hand we try to contribute to his/her adaptation to the changing world more easily and help him/her to continue the journey with firm steps.

At the point where positive thinking transforms into positive behavior, we strive to add happiness to our environment and even to our future generations. We are grateful that you are a part of it.